MY FIRST EXHIBIT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in The American Visionary Art Museum’s All Things Round show! WHAT AN AMAZING HONOR!!!!! I was Blessed with a 50 foot section that opened the show. It was full of 52 SOGH paintings all surrounding One Year of my life  - a 28 foot long 3 foot high chronological mosaic piece - 12,290 images total. the year, 2003. it is what One entire year of my life looks like on a wall. It captured the first year of this thing called SOGH. In it 5 people die. Starting with Red. a friend murdered by his new bride - their wedding photos and the day he died captured. another wedding. the 1st birthday of my niece. Friends, family, work, meeting the love of my life, me, exposed and above all the initial steps of my journey of SOGH happened.  all captured.

eventually, in 2006, came my paintings... and all that was SOGH... expanded to the Nth degree and suddenly, i was living the wildest dreams i never knew i had. 

below is my cell phone composite of my entire 50 foot exhibit... and one of the biggest moments of my life!

and i’ve never stopped taking pictures... SOGH first exhibit EVER!!!


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